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Name: Tony Woodruff

HT:  6'1"        WT: 220-250 

Highlights: 2x runner-up at Wyoming Strongest Man


Stats: Squat- 460 lbs. Bench- 320 lbs. Deadlift- 490 lbs. Total- 1,270 lbs.

Additional Sports Played: MMA

Awards & Recognition: 110kg Gold, 2x runner-up at CSCS

certifications: Diploma In Human Nutrition, Fitness Training Principles, And Methods, Introduction To The Human Muscular System,

What motivates you?  I'm motivated by my deep desire to be the best at my sport and being a role model to my kids. Hearing them talk about how strong their dad is pretty cool.

Favorite Quote: There is no reason to be alive if you can’t do deadlift