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Timothy, current age 8, discovered his passion while running with his mother as part of Team RWB (Red, White, and Blue). 

Timothy ran his first 5k at age 5 and took 3rd place. Since then he has participated in countless 5k's and 10k races winning numerous podium finishes.

His passion for running led him to complete two half marathons. The Rite Aid Cleveland half marathon at age 7, and the Emerald City Half Marathon at age 8.

Timothy found his love for the triathlon at age 7. He has earned 1st or 2nd place wins (respectively) in every triathlon he has competed in with HFP Racing. He currently holds the title of 2015 HFP Racing Series Champion.

On the national level, he is ranked 23rd in the country. Timothy focuses heavily on his strength training plans with Blue Line Barbell Club to ensure he's at maximum competition levels.