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My name is Shane Housmans and have been in powerlifting since the fall of 2015. I compete in the Masters I 242lbs class. I'm currently ranked number 3 in squat and number 8 in the country for my division according to I currently hold the RPS Masters I Pro record for squats and total with wraps. I also hold the RPS Masters Pro Texas State records for all 3 lifts and total. I also have the Police/Fire Pro Open record for Squats and Total. I've also competed in the SPF once and hold the record in my division for squats. I spent 11 years in the Marines as an infantryman, 3 of which were as a Drill Instructor. I completed two combat tours to Iraq. I now live in Austin, TX and continue serving the community in Law Enforcement. My goal is pretty simple, to be ranked number 1 in the country in my division.