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Name: Scott Pasini              

State: Michigan

HT:    5’8’’      WT:  210


I am a 25 year Law Enforcement Officer assigned to Arson investigations. I am a hostage negotiator on the SWAT team. I have competed in the Trufit games volume 1 (CrossFit contest) which I placed 1st in my division.

I also competed in the Trufit games Friday night lights Co ED partner competition (CrossFit contest) where a female partner (LEO) and I finished 3rd overall.

I have competed in several races including a pump and run (Finished 2nd in my division 16 reps with bench #205 and a 27:50 5K time), Tough Mudder, Warrior Dashes, GoRuck light challenge and the Detroit Half Marathon.

In 2017 I competed and won my division at the Barbellum Powerlifting bench only (#303)  event (Morey Mayhem).  

At the end of 2017 I was sidelined with Pulmonary Embolisms and I am eagerly waiting to make a strong comeback in the near future.

Additional Sports Played: Softball, Football, Baseball

What motivates you?

I am motivated by my children, they push me to stay healthy and young. I am competitive and it is a switch I cannot turn off.

Favorite Quote:

“I can, I will, I must !!”