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My name is Moe and I’m from the Mitten. I graduated high school in 2007 and played soccer throughout my youth. After high school, I started my mixed martial arts journey and have competed in amateur fights in boxing and MMA. Since then I have competed in jiu-jitsu tournaments before getting bitten by the powerlifting bug! In 2012, I became a police officer and love working the graveyard shift. Yay for the zombie life lol.

In 2015, I competed in boxing at my first World Police and Fire Games in Fairfax, VA. I placed 3rd (bronze) in the 71kg/156.5lb novice division.

In 2017, I competed in my second World Police and Fire Games in Los Angeles, CA.  I competed in both submission grappling and my first powerlifting meet for push/pull. I placed 3rd (bronze) in submission grappling and lifted the following,

Weight class – 83kg/183lbs

Deadlift – 192.7kg/425lbs

Bench – 120.2kg/265lbs

I did not place in L.A. but my experience from this meet had me hooked! I saw what could be possible at 83kg/183lbs and decided to drop down to 74kg/163lbs for near future competitions.

I am currently running off the Conjugate Method which is a 12-week program and I plan to run it twice this year before competing. Current best unofficial lifts to date are 405lb squat, 485lb deadlift and 285lb bench.

In 2019, I plan to compete in powerlifting in my third World Police and Fire Games in Chengdu, China at 74kg/163lbs.

My lifetime lifting goals are to move back up to the 83kg/183lbs with a 550lb squat, 600lb deadlift and 380lb bench. Lord Jesus, please take the bar!

As for my life outside of lifting, I love my family, friends, and community. I hope to continue to give back to my community, continue to motivate others to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Before I go, thank you for supporting your local police officers and thank you for reading my bio. I hope you will join me on my journey! Also, stay tuned for PR's baby!!

Ain't nothin' but a peanut!" Ronnie Coleman