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Mike Beckley began weight training around age 16. He was asked to enter a Power meet around the age of 22. Not sure if the sport was for him he told his friends if he could DL 500 he would enter. After hitting 600 only pulling about 10 times in his life he conquered a 630 in his novice meet. He worked up to a 715 DL within a year and walked away from the sport. Mike began a career in Corrections in 2005.  He left the gym all together in 2006. Fast forward to 2015 he found out that at 39 he was pre-diabetic. Mike had 2 options. Get diabetes or punch it in the face. Mike once again returned to training just to get in shape. As any powerlifter, Mikes second day in the gym old habits returned quickly. He tried to DL 500 for the first time since age 23. As ugly as it was, it came up. Mike then hit a 600 for his 40th birthday and the rest is history. His accomplishments to date are 750@220 Masters 40-44. His goals are simple. IPF record for M1 220 is 755.01. Mike plans on smashing that record with an 800 pull. His lifelong goal has been to 4x his weight in the deadlift and 3.5x in the squat. He will once again return to the 198 class and try to accomplish.

Records from last 2 years of competition:

198 Masters in SPF 1st

198 Police and Fire SPF 1st

198 Open 2nd

220 Masters RPS PA State Holder

220 Masters RPS WR Holder