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My name is Matt Arthur, I'm a 20 year Lieutenant with the Dunbar Police Department in WV. I am 6'00" and weigh 350 lbs.  I started training again about three years ago after a long time out of the weight room. I competed in the USPA West Virginia state meet on 5/18/15 and put up a 518 squat, 363 bench and a 462 deadlift for a 1344 total. I won the competition and set the state records for the 40 - 44 masters division. On 6/15/15 I competed in an SPF meet in Kentucky. I competed in the law and fire division and won with a 555 squat, 355 bench and 495 deadlift for a 1405 total setting the records in that federation, with the exception of the deadlift record.