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Name: Luke Meredith

State: Indiana

HT: 5’11”        WT: 231lbs

Highlights: I’ve competed in Strongman for 10 years, I’ve won several Amateur contests.

Facebook: Luke Meredith  Instagram: luke.indiana_iron

Stats: 2015 Kentucky’s Strongest Man 1st, 2015 Worlds Natural Strongest Man (Budapest) 3rd place, 2016 USS Nationals Open HW 5th, 2016 American Log and Deadlift Championship 4th, 2016 Refuge Barbell Strongman Classic Open HW 1st, 2018 Indiana Muscle MW Open 1st, 2018 Strongman Corp National Championship 6th (Arnold Qual), 2018 JD’s Gym Strongman Classic 1st Open HW, 2019 Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championship 4th (American Pro Card Earned)

Additional Sports Played: Highland Games

Certifications: Several through LEO.  I’ve been an officer since 2013.

What motivates you? As a child, I promised my father I’d become a professional athlete and make enough money that he wouldn’t have to work anymore.  I’ve earned the Professional Strongman status after relentlessly pursuing this dream and goal for 10 years.  I am showing my children that consistency is key and if they give maximal effort in whatever they choose to do, they can become the best.

Favorite Quote: “Can’t never could, but YOU CAN”