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My name is Jeffrey Edwards Im married with three beautiful kids and I am a retired platoon Sergeant from the army as an MP. Worked in civilian law enforcement. I have been passionate about powerlifting for years and I am a member of the USPA 45-49 master 242 class, and I have set Mississippi state records in that class with a 575 squat, 435 bench press, and a 585 deadlift with a total of 1598 and a Wilks score of 427. I look to vastly improve those numbers as I train harder and perfect my craft. Now I strive to set national records as well as world records. I am always trying to better myself by surrounding myself with positive and uplifting people. I recently started training in strongman and completed my first United States Strongman Association competition in May 2017. Currently working as a certified personal trainer as well as a strength and conditioning coach. I work with local high school teams to help better the student-athletes to become stronger and more agile.