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My name is Jarod and I’ve been Powerlifting since 2013. I have always played sports. I played every sport my school had all the way up to high school. My senior year I focused on Football and Track. Track is what I really excelled at and set a State Record that lasted just over 13yrs. I received a Div. 1 Full ride for Track. (100m 10.49, 200m 21.89)

 Shortly after school I got into Law Enforcement and started working in the County Jail. I’m now at the Federal level and have been in Corrections for over 17yrs. After a few years of just recreational sports like Softball, Flag Football, volleyball, even a couple of years of Dodgeball leagues. Every time I would get a small injury. I found out I was more upset about not being able to lift, then getting back to playing whatever sport again. So I quit all the extra recreational sports so I could continue to lift. By this time I have been lifting for 14yrs and now not playing any sports. I needed to compete again. I quickly found Powerlifting at the ripe age of 33yrs and switched all my focus into it. My first Powerlifting meet in 2013 was 375 Squat, 275 Bench, and 465 Deadlift for a 1,115 total. After a few Raw meets, I wanted to push the limits more and I started learning and training in single ply. This has got to me one of the hardest things I’ve learned and train for. The added pressure, weight and time it takes to add gear into your training is much more than I expected. The outcome has been worth it. In 2016 I set the 365Strong State and National Records for my class. In 2018 with the SPF I set State and National Records. Most notable was my 660lb Deadlift. Which ended being 5th in the Nation and 15th in the World for 198lb Single ply. (According to Best Lifts to date: Squat 655lbs, Bench 480lbs, Deadlift 660lbs, Total 1676lbs. Goals for 2018 is cont. to make gains and push closer to a 1900 total.


“You can’t cheat the GRIND, It knows how much you have invested. It won’t give you anything you haven’t worked for.”