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Chris Lindsay has been training as a competitive powerlifter for since July of 2013.  He competed in his first competition in October of 2013, where he broke national records in the 56kg/123lb weight class in both the Open and Submaster divisions, achieving a total of 800lbs (275/160/365).  Chris has since competed several times over the last couple of years and has earned state and national records in the UPA-D, APF, and AAPF federations.  In March of 2015, Chris competed in the XPC Classic at the Arnold Sports Festival and established World Records in the RPS federation - highlighted by a milestone 3x bodyweight squat (with wraps) of 380lbs.  His current raw (belt only) PRs in the 123lb class are 370/190/455.  He now competes as a 130-132lb Masters 1 division powerlifter with PRs in both squat (182.5kg/402lb) and bench (90kg/198lb).