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Name: Adam Vlasicak 

State: Colorado
Ht: 5'11"   Wt: 245

2016 Ronnie Coleman Classic 4th place finish
2015 Wyoming strongest man champion
2015 Wyoming powerlifting 2nd place 242 class
2012 novice 1st place lift the Rockies
Top 5 finish in Colorado strongest man 2012-2015 Top 5 finish Brian Shaw Classic 2013

Stats: Bench 385 Dead 585 Squat 610
Additional sports played: Colorado Semi-pro football 2012-2014. Mile high Grizzlies, Denco Spades
Awards & Recognition: N/A

Certifications: NPTI trainer certified. Specialization in strength and conditioning.

What motivates you? I want to claim the title of the strongest soldier, I wish to be the best I possibly can in every aspect of my life and motivate others to better themselves.

Favorite Quote: "The standard doesn’t change" ~DS Osbourne