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My name is Aaron Laird, I am a recent Highschool graduate and have a passion for powerlifting and exercise science. I'm a former Division 1 Highschool football player and wrestler. Earning such accolades as 3-year Varsity starter, First Team All-County and Conference in football, and contributing to a Team State Championship for wrestling.

I currently hold the AAPF Raw World Record Squat, Bench, and Total in my age and weight class. I'm planning on competing at this upcoming Arnold and making a name for myself and proudly representing Blue Line Barbell Club.

I will be attending Wayne State University in pursuit of a degree in Exercise Science, and while in school enlisting in the Army and eventually making efforts to join Delta Forces, or become a Ranger. I've always wanted to serve and protect my country, and allow people to still have the freedoms they were born with, especially the freedom to lift some heavy weights!